Alien Standard Edition


Pinball Brothers

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In this thrilling game, you will hunt Aliens by hitting the spinners hard, climb deck after deck to rescue

colonists over the shiny steel ramps, and finally stand up to the Alien queen in her nest! Be careful or the ball-eating Xenomorph will throw your ball into the abyss and call its siblings to hunt you. Get your crew members out of their hypersleep chambers to stand up to the danger with more than just one ball. Watch the screen over the airlock closely, so you know where the enemy is waiting for you and how much time is left before all is lost. If the moment is right, jump into the airlock and see what you must do next to save everyone. Maybe you will even find a secret entrance? If you find the eggs, burn them so they won’t hatch more of those face hugging monsters that try to jump at your ball from all sides. The MU-TH-UR 6000 computer will always have some surprises to help you out, so be sure to log in often. Run the lengths of the darkest corridors to get a better shot at their ends. Get your crew into the ironclad APC and run it through the inner hallways of the colony structures. And don’t forget to take your weapons with you! Better use them all to double your score, save a life, or just hit that Alien twice with one shot!

Alien has been designed by David Sanders, art was directed by Aurich Lawson, music & sound FX have

been arranged by David Thiel, graphics & animation were rendered by Kelly Mazurowski, rules have been programmed by Joe Schober, Brian Dominy did the software programming, James Rees engineered, models by Matt Riesterer & Garret Popek, electronics laid out by Mark Rosier, some 2D artistry by Stefan Akin and the voice of Carol Thiel, starring as MU-TH-UR 6000.