Bally Manufacturing Co.

Origin Date

August 1994


There’s a new breed of dream machine loose on the streets, Corvette from the designers at Bally! Inspired by the sports car America has loved and lusted after for over 40 years, Corvette is a tour de force for pinball and Corvette fans alike.

There’s plenty in the powerhouse to catch the eye of Corvette fans and pinball diehards alike. You can whizz through a drag strip course, compete on 13 international race tracks, collect ten famous Corvette models and meet six alluring female models driving Corvettes of their own – all to a sizzling DCS Sound System music track.

This narrow-body game is loaded with special equipment. In addition to the two-car drag strip and “Christmas Tree” starting lights, reproduction ‘Vette side pipes and dot matrix instrumentation, players can load the ball into a replica LT5 engine that idles, revs and shakes under their control for souped-up jackpot totals