Williams Electronic Games

Origin Date

October 1995


Jack*Bot is a 1995 pinball game which was designed by Barry Oursler and Larry DeMar, and released by Williams. It is the third game in the Pin-Bot series, following Pin-Bot (1986) and The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot (1991). Jon Hey created the music and sound which includes a new arrangement of the Pin-Bot theme previously composed for Williams Pinball by Chris Granner.

This game has a futuristic casino theme. Certain elements of the original Pin-Bot table carry over to this Jack-Bot, such as the spiral ramp, visor targets, and locking the balls in the holes to activate Pin-Bot’s eyes. The game has two main objectives: to activate Casino Run and to start Multi-Ball; during Multi-Ball, the objective is to score enough Jack*Bots (jackpots) to light Mega Visor. Pressing the EXTRA BALL button can activate various cheats if done properly, such as Pin*Bot changing the results of a dice roll.

Pressing the EXTRA BALL button during attract mode activates a message on the dot-matrix display, which reads, “In memory of Joe Joos, Jr.,” who had died a year earlier; the display then tells the player a brief biography on Joos.During attract mode, pressing the left flipper button three times while holding down the EXTRA BALL button activates a long credits roll on the dot-matrix display accompanied by a medley of the game’s music.