Judge Dredd


Bally Manufacturing Co.

Origin Date

September 1993


Judge Dredd is a four-player pinball game produced by Bally Manufacturing in 1993, based on the British comic strip Judge Dredd in 2000 AD. Nearly 7,000 were made. An eight-page full colour promotional comic was released by Bally and Egmont in 1993, which reprinted the story Pinboing Wizard from the Judge Dredd Annual 1981, written by Judge Dredd creator John Wagner and illustrated by Mike McMahon.

Completing the 9 modes will result the player entering the Ultimate Challenge, Being congratulated by Judge Death, Ultimate Challenge features all the normal Crime Scenes and modes to be twice the amount. In Super Game, a fictional host named Anita Mann will dispatch you to one of 4 Crime scenes, Mad Bomber, Deadworld Attack, Traffic Jam, and Prison Break. Super Game uses 2 Balls and a Drain Shield with an Extended amount of time. Judge Dredd utilizes a 100,000,000 point super shot, this shot can only be achieved in Super Game. To do so, you must advance the crime level from Warning, to Class X Felony. You will have 3 Seconds to make the shot, if you make the shot, 100,000,000 points will be scored. Classic modes are found in Super Game but are doubled the value and marketed as Super.

To activate Multiball, shoot the drop targets to spell JUDGE. The planet Deadworld will begin spinning, and you must shoot the ball up the left ramp to lock a ball. If 3 balls are locked, they will be dropped onto the playfield and 3 extra balls will be ejected onto the playfield. This will result in Multiball. Players are greeted by Judge Death on the Dot Matrix display. You will be able to collect the Jackpot, collecting 4 Jackpots will result in Judge Death notifying you have entered the Ultimate Challenge.