Popeye Saves the Earth


Bally Manufacturing Co.

Origin Date

February 1994


Released under the Bally name, Popeye Saves the Earth was the last of the highly successful WPC DSD Superpin line of games produced by WMS Inc. from 1993 to 1994. It was also was Python Anghelo’s last mass produced pinball machine.

Released in February 1994, and co-designed with Barry Oursler, Popey managed to sell 4,217 units.

Popeye’s theme is primarily based upon the 125 classic Popeye the Sailor animated shorts made between 1933 to 1957 by Fleischer Studios/Paramount Famous Studios, which Python was a huge fan of.

Some machines received a large 3D Bluto head in the center of the playfield, which was replaced with a smaller flat version, due to early complaints. Reproductions and original Bluto heads are highly sought after by owners today.