The Flintstones


Williams Electronic Games

Origin Date

July 1994


In 1994, Williams released pinball machine based on the live-action theatrical film adaptation of The Flintstones. This game also featured speech provided by John Goodman, Rick Moranis and Harvey Korman reprising their respective roles, as well the theme song from the television series. This game had a unique feature called smart ramps, this allowed the game to decide which flipper to feed the ball two through a plastic loop at the bottom.

There are 4 modes in this game, with a Mystery Mode for completing them. A mode can be started by completing 1-2-3 on the ramps. All three shots may not be on the same ramp so it is necessary to look for the lights, and watch to see which flipper the ball goes to. The modes are displayed in a line on the playfield. Lit ones have been played, the flashing one will be started next, and dark ones are yet to be played. Modes can run concurrently, and during multiball. The bumpers change the current flashing mode.

Once all the modes are completed, the Start Mode light will indicate Mystery Mode, a wizard mode where the player has 20 seconds to knock down the BED and ROCK drop targets for 100 million points. Each target down scores 5 million. The mode ends after 20 seconds, or when the big points are awarded, and Fred’s Choice will become the currently flashing mode.