The Getaway: High Speed II


Williams Electronic Games

Origin Date

February 1992


The Getaway: High Speed II is a 1992 pinball game by Steve Ritchie. It is a sequel to 1986’s High Speed.

There are two main objectives in the game: Run the Red Light and Redline Mania.

To Run the Red Light, lock the three balls by first hitting all three stoplight targets of the same colour (first green, then yellow and finally red) and then shooting the left loop or the small inner loop to lock the ball. After the final lock, Multiball will start. (Super) Jackpots can then be lit by shooting into the Supercharger and scored by shooting the left loop or the small inner loop.

In order to start Redline Mania; repeated shots to the outer loops increase the RPM reading on the tachometer display in the center of the playfield. When the reading reaches an indicated threshold, the player can collect an award by using the gearshift lever.

Redline Mania is a normal Multiball, except that no loops are required to light the initial Jackpot, all targets are worth 500K, and the Super Jackpot begins at 100M (with no corresponding increase in the number of loops required to light it). It is generally best to collect Redline Mania after lighting the Extra Ball on the Freeway, because it cannot be lit after collecting Redline Mania. Because the Super Jackpot is so much more valuable in Redline Mania, it is very important to get the regular Jackpot out of the way, preferably on one of the two free shots earned (either from the Hideout or the auto-plunger, depending on whether or not any balls were actually locked), and then shoot for lighting and collecting the 100M Super Jackpot as if it were the regular Jackpot.

If the player has previously collected a 100M Super Jackpot or higher, the starting value for the Super Jackpot in Redline Mania will be 25M more than the highest collected Super Jackpot value.